We catch up with last year’s #TRMSBC winner

With our members currently hard at work, smashing through the Summer Body Challenge, we thought we would check in on last year’s winner, Katia. Here’s what she had to say…

What was your biggest learning from Summer Body Challenge 2017?

“It was to really listen to my body! By eating clean, healthy, nutritious food I really saw an increase in my energy levels. I also learnt about water retention and the difference drinking more water and eating fewer starchy carbohydrates, as per 7:2:1 can have on your overall well being. 
I used to do endless cardio in the gym but TRM taught me I can still get a sweat on with slow, controlled body weight exercises. I toned up, increased strength and lost roughly 5kg in the 10 weeks of the challenge!”

What tips can you offer for this year’s entrants?

“I truly believe the TRM 7:2:1 philosophy is a great mindset for successful weight loss and a healthy lifestyle. Use eating out and social events as your 10%, because these are inevitable and you shouldn’t miss out on memories with family and friends. 
Try to be as active as possible. Embrace the Spring weather and walk as much as possible, walk to work, to the supermarket, go for a walk after work.
Lastly, reach out on the Facebook community! There are many people on the same journey.”

What’s your favourite exercise using TRM rings?

“Reverse muscle ups! I’m currently trying to master a normal muscle up.”

How often do you train per week?
“I train 5-6 times per week. 2-3 TRM sessions, 2-3 HIIT sessions, and one run on Sundays. I also walk to work everyday to get in those ‘active hours’.”

Do you prefer to workout a.m. or p.m and why?
“I always prefer to workout in the early evening directly after work. I find I don’t have enough energy to train on an empty stomach in the morning, I really need food to fuel a good workout!”

Give us an example of a day on your plate.

Breakfast: Protein pancakes (egg whites, banana and 1 tbsp coconut flour) topped with Greek yoghurt and berries. I make a big batch on Sundays and refrigerate for the week.  

Lunch: Greek salad with tuna.

Snack: Vegetable sticks with cream cheese.

Dinner: Grilled chicken with roast cauliflower, avocado and salad. I try to bulk out dinner with as many veggies as possible. It’s one way to feel full and satisfied without overeating.

After dinner: Stevia hot chocolate and a handful of frozen berries.”