Got a big trip planned but worried about your health and fitness goals going out the window?

We’ve got your back with these foolproof tips from TRM founder Tim Robards who has clocked up a healthy balance of air miles himself!

HYDRATE – It might sound obvious but many of us simply forget to drink water on the go. Take your water bottle everywhere you go, especially if you’re travelling somewhere hot! Not only will it prevent you from over eating, you’ll be less inclined to chug down large quantities of calorie loaded drinks.

GET OUTSIDE – If you’ve travelled outside of your regular time zone, the best thing you can do as soon after you reach your destination as possible is get some fresh air. Getting your body clock in sync with local time quickly means you’ll have energy when you need it.

WALK, BIKE, STAIRS – Take the stairs instead of the lift and opt for self-transport as much as possible. You’ll get to experience much more on foot than from the back of a car and you’ll get exercise in without really noticing it.

STOCK UP – Find out where the local farmer’s market or supermarket is and go stock up on fresh produce as snacks. Apples, carrots, celery sticks, hummus, nuts. Keeping something healthy on hand means you’ll be less tempted by fast food.

RINGS – Your TRM  rings are portable! Take them with you, find a stable attachment point and you’ve got no excuse to move your body.

721 – Keeping within your guidelines of eating 70% super clean, 20% sensible and 10% relaxed is your key to getting back home in good shape.