We catch up with long-standing TRM member, Belinda Buckley.

It’s true to say that consistent action creates consistent results. There are so many TRM success stories out there. Stories from members quietly working away at reaching their goals. Long-standing member Belinda Buckley is one of them. She joined the #TRMFamily in 2017 starting out on the 12 minute abs program before progressing to the full fitness program and then picking up 721 nutrition. We recently touched base to find out more.

What’s your favourite exercise using TRM rings?

My favourite rings exercises would have to be mountain climbers and oblique curl ins because with these I feel I am getting a whole body workout. I do also love doing push ups and bicep curls. Both, when I first attempted, I really struggled to do and by the time I got through the sets I had built up the strength to do them.

Where do you hang your rings?

I’m so lucky my amazing husband built bars in our yard, so my rings live there and that is where I do most of my workouts.

How often do you train per week?

I work out at least 3 times per week. It depends how busy my week is but that is my minimum. I live in Melbourne and am not the biggest fan of the freezing cold and rain so if I can’t get outdoors because of the weather, I’ll do something indoors like a HIIT session, strength training circuit or a yoga class.

Do you train a.m. or p.m. and why?

Life is busy with little ones and shift work so it just depends what I have on. I generally find myself working out at all different times of the day, whenever I can fit it in.

Give us an example of a day on your plate.

I start my day with a herbal tea or lemon water and the blueberry smoothie bowl or eggs with spinach and sometimes sweet potato hash browns.

Lunch is usually a salad with chickpeas or meat protein like chicken or pork. Some of my favourites are super-c salad, chargrilled lemongrass chicken salad or pork fillet with slaw.

Dinner is a lean protein with either sweet potato fries or mash, broccoli and green salad.

I might snack on almonds, a protein shake or hummus with veg sticks. If I feel like something sweet, I’ll have a couple of squares of 85% lint dark chocolate or I’ll bake the banana bread or the coconut, blueberry and banana muffins for the family to enjoy.

I drink herbal teas and carry around a 2 litre water bottle to help keep on track of my water intake during the day.