We breakdown the different TRM Levels


From those completely new to exercise to those who have been training for years, how can one program be suited for every fitness level?


Good question, it’s one that I asked myself before designing the TRM fitness program. TRM is governed by a strong philosophy; to simplify health and fitness, find balance in your life by mastering your actions and emotions, allowing your body to thrive in the environment you create and to ultimately live an exceptional life. We believe in creating stronger, more confident bodies and to do that – everyone must start somewhere.

Here is a brief description of each level that will help you determine which one is right for you. The key to choosing your level is honesty. Be proud of yourself for starting in the first place, no matter your starting point. (These descriptors are also outlined in the app sign up.)


What’s your TRM Level? Find out below:


Level 1 

This level is perfect for anyone who is looking to hit the refresh button on their exercise regime. Here you’ll learn and correct your technique, improve balance and flexibility or if you’re nursing old injuries, there are exercises that will help assist postural improvement. Exercises are slow and controlled. You will start on your knees or use bands and assistance in order to help you progress.


Level 2

This level is great for those who either have a social sporting background, enjoy the regular light activity, can do 1-2 chin-ups, complete 10 full sits ups and ideally have enough flexibility to touch your toes. Level 2 will focus on progressing from doing pushups on knees and using bands to assist with chin-ups.


Level 3

This is for the regular gym-goer who is bored with their routine, tired of injuries due to poor mobility and joint stability or needs to break through a plateau. You ideally have enough mobility to squat bum to heels maintaining a straight back, hang one-handed for 10 seconds, complete 5 chin-ups and hold a handstand against a wall. From there we progress you to new heights of functional strength.


Level 4

This is a great level if you are already fairly proficient in callisthenics and body weighted exercises. You should be able to hang single-handedly for close to 30 seconds, complete 3 muscles ups, hold a back lever for 5 seconds and do several pushups with a clap behind the back. This level will give you a structured program to really condition the body, introduce you to some new exercises you’ve most likely never attempted and take you to the next level of beast mode.


Level 5

For the ultimate bar athlete. No longer are you simply training. In this level, you become an athlete, a warrior, and a master of your own physical being. This level is not available until you complete level 4 and have the conditioning and mobility required to journey through some of the hardest street workout/rings/callisthenics moves, providing you with a full appreciation of what your body is truly capable of. This level plays the perfect companion to anyone in elite level sports, working to give you the ultimate edge over your competitors.