Stress on the body

Lifting something heavy, whether it be a big piece of steel in the form of a dumbbell, or your own body weight, is a stress on the body. The body has an amazing ability to adapt to stress. It does this by increasing the nerve activation to contract more muscle fibres, increase the size of the muscle cells, as well as the amount and type. The quickest gains anyone starting a resistance program will experience will usually be around strength. Not because they have gained more muscle, but because the nerve conduction to fire up more fibres and make them contract harder is the first thing to increase.

Think of it like a light bulb with a dimmer switch

The more regularly you train the more you can turn the dimmer switch up and turn the power on. Eventually, your muscular size will start to change, along with the muscle’s efficiency to get fuel in and waste out. You need to stimulate your body to change. If you don’t stress it a little, it won’t adapt. However, there’s always a smart balance. This is why I have put such emphasis on mobility warm-ups and functional movements to get your joints and stabiliser muscles strong!

tim robards quote

So how do we go above 100%?

It’s all in the mind. Most of us limit our own potential on a daily basis for various reasons. This does us no justice in any aspect of our lives, especially when it comes to health. My passion for health and fitness is largely inspired by applying this mentality to a number of aspects including training, business goals, family and relationships – no matter what area of your life, you can increase your ability and continue to smash your goals.

It’s time to learn what you are really capable of, but as always, be safe and sensible! I will only ever push myself to that 110% level once I’m warmed up, which may be only in my second or third set. Good luck guys! Crush your training, smash your goals and live an inspired life!