Dr. Tim Robards
Chiropractor B.Sc(Ex.Sc) B.Med.Sc, M.Chiro

Tim Robards is a talented Chiropractor, human biomechanics enthusiast, TV personality, Speaker, Inspired Educator in Health & Wellbeing and all round Fitness Fanatic. Tim was initially inspired to health and well-being by his grandma through her practice of Chinese massage. From an early age Tim received regular massage treatment and realised the benefits of having a healing touch and a skill with your hands that you can use to help change people's lives. 

Tim's love of sport and figuring out how things work led him to study physics and then an Exercise Science and Rehabilitation degree. This background has given Tim a great platform to work from as he is now a Doctor of chiropractic. He is a firm believer that if you don't use it you lose it! Tim worked for many years as a personal trainer, rehab provider and chiropractor. His passions are not just treating people’s pain, but mentoring them to all round better health and thriving in their environment!

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