Bounce Back From A Xmas Party Blowout


So your December fitness goals are a distant memory of Baileys and panettone? It’s okay, we hear you! The Xmas season is a tough time to stay focused with end-of-year functions, marathon BBQs and bottomless eskies of booze. But don't worry, we've got you covered with four steps to hack your way through temptation and into 2018 with those goals intact.


1. Sweat it out: Train a little harder

If you’re feeling a little out of it after a fun few days of indulging, go for a cardio session or an intense HIIT circuit to get your heart pumping and rev up your metabolism. Find a workout in the TRM App and don’t hold back. Get out and complete your workout before the troops are awake to avoid any – “oh, c’mon, it’s Christmas” guilt trip. If you lost count of your drinks last night, while it won’t completely kick the grogginess of a hangover, a rush of positive endorphins from a workout will help you feel better. It’s essential that you follow this with step 2 – rehydration – because you’re body will already be low on fluids.   


2. Replenish: Drink Water

Water is essential for replenishing fluids and flushing out any toxins you may have built up over the weekend. Make sure you always have a water bottle at hand and take regular sips throughout the day. Aim for at least 2 litres. Adding a slice of lemon to your water can also aid with digestion. While water will do the trick to hydrate, electrolyte drinks provide the essential nutrients like sodium, potassium and chloride which help replenish the body. If the sugary Servo-style drinks aren’t for you, try sipping on some coconut water. They’re low in calories, zero fat, and less sugar that sports drinks.


3. Be Consistent: Eat Clean

Put the 7 in 7-2-1 and embrace your super clean meals. That means filling your plate with two handfuls of vegetables, a good source of protein such as chicken, beef or fish the size of your hand, and three finger's worth of healthy fats from nuts, avocado or extra virgin olive oil. Jump into my 721 Nutritional bible and you'll be armed with over 70 recipes for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Aim to be consistent with your diet for the majority of the week, prep meals ahead and always have a healthy snack ready to go! Don’t head to a Xmas function on an empty stomach and space your meals out. Have some self-control when confronted with the sweets table and keep visualisation your stronger, better self in 2018.


4. Recover: Get zen

If you are struggling to bounce back from an action-packed weekend, yoga is a great way to compliment your training, and can help manage your cravings. Breath control and mindfulness are key parts of your healthy regimen. Stretching can help lengthen, tone muscles a flush your body with endorphins. Try a yoga class or a few stretches out in the fresh air next time you feel like polishing off the left-over fruit cake. 



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