SBC 2017 winner takes her once in a lifetime trip

MOVE RIGHT | by TIM ROBARDS | 03 Apr '19

We catch up with Katia after her whirlwind trip to South Africa

Give us a quick rundown of your itinerary

We started in Cape Town where we visited Table Mountain, went wine tasting, wandered through the Kirstenbosch gardens and visited Boulder's Beach. Then onto Joburg, where we visited the Apartheid museum and Soweto. We ended with a 3 day Safari which was incredible!

Tell us about the local people

The people everywhere we went were warm, welcoming and so friendly.

How was the weather?

It was sunny and hot ~30 degrees almost every day! 

Did you enjoy the food?

The food and wine scene in Cape Town was outstanding. Fresh seafood, local wines. We were in heaven.

What was the highlight of the trip?

Definitely the Safari. Seeing the sunrise over Kruger National Park, watching the animals going about their daily business. We were lucky enough to see a lot of game - Buffalo, Elephant, Lion, Hippo, Zebra, Giraffe and Antelope. We got up really close to a pride of lions! Definitely more heart racing than a documentary. The afternoon game drives always ended with a glass of wine watching the sun set.

Did you fit any workouts in during your stay?

Yes! I made use of the hotel gyms to fit in some training almost every day!

What are your top tips for staying in shape while on holiday?

- Try and get a workout in early before you leave to explore for the day!

- Keep active by walking as much as you can

- Enjoy alcohol with moderation

- Eat slowly and stop when you're full! Restaurant portions are often larger than what you need

- Opt for whole foods when eating out - lean proteins, vegetables, fewer creamy/ cheesy sauces

- Drink plenty of water

- Relax, recharge and enjoy!

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