Flyte Fitness Core Flyte


  • Strengthen Core, Increase Muscle Engagement, and Improve Stability: With their 360° range of motion, adding Core Flyte stability trainers to any exercise routine increases the range of muscles in play, giving you a more thorough and effective workout.
  • The Core Flyte Difference: Core Flyte’s innovative ball bearing design requires the user to CONTROL the movement of rollers, activating both primary and secondary muscles.
  • All Fitness Levels: Beginners and advanced users alike can use Core Flytes with ease. Ideal for Yoga, Pilates, Flexibility, and Physical Therapy exercises, as well as Total Body Workouts, Circuit Training, and Group Fitness.
  • Comfortable and Safe: Each disk has a curved top that allows you to keep your hands or feet attached to the device and positioned at a comfortable angle, reducing the amount of stress on your wrists and ankles.
  • Multi-Surface & Portable: Moves well on any flat surface, including non-slip rubber gym floors, carpet and hardwood. Won’t damage floors. Portable, Lightweight, durable and easy to store.


Increase Athletic Performance, Build a Rock-Solid Core and Abs, Activate More Muscle (Pair, Online Workout Videos, Carrying Case, and Guide)


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